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Best short birthday wishes to mother

Well there is no sentence that can describe the bond between mother and child, however, Tell that women who can go through every sea to make your life more warm and amazing by sending  This Short and lovable birthday messages mentioned below.

 Short birthday messages for mother

·                    I remember when you used to call me the most handsome boy ever, but trust me, mom  You are a real-life hero. Happy birthday mom (Mother)!!.❤❤  

·                      To the women who thinks she can beat Lata Mangeshkar at singing.
                                  Sorry!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA (Mother)!!.❤❤

                        Well if  I have to figure out the best thing God gave me , it’ll be my mother.
                                 May God bless and cherish you throughout your life.❤❤

·                        The more birthdays you beautiful you get. Have a great birthday mom.❤❤

·                      To the one who brought me back from my deepest fear and that’s what makes me  believe in god more and more. Happy birthday, angel!!.❤❤

·                      Many friends came and left me alone. But you, my first and the most Adorable    a friend I love u mother. Happy birthday!!.❤❤

·                       All my craziness comes from you and dad. Happy birthday, weirdo,
                                                          Love you.❤❤

·                       Mom, thanks for keeping my secrets from dad. He still cusses that guy who broke his  Wine bottle.  Anyway, happy birthday mother.❤❤

·                       If god is the information then you are Wikipedia. Happy birthday, mama.❤❤

·                       Thank you for turning this fragile person into a strong person,
                         Happy birthday!!    to the strongest warrior, my mama.❤❤


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