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50+ best birthday wishes for father, Messages, Quotes WhatsApp status [Latest 2020]

Surprise your father by telling him how much you love him. we are providing 50 best wishes for your father’s birthday and love messages, happy birthday papa, happy birthday papa quotes, birthday wishes for father from daughter. father birthday WhatsApp  status images download 

Birthday wishes for father from daughter

You always taught me never give up when life become hard for you and today I am at this position is just because of you
🎉🎉*Happy Birthday papa! *

Thanks for fixing me when I was broken and my little silly mistakes and taught me always stay strong,
*😊Happy Birthday Papa! *

I wanted to become same father to my kids just like you because you are the perfect example of strength and I always wanted to grow up like you,
🎉🎉*Happy Birthday papa! *

Your wise guidance I have learned to fright harder against life, thank you for always being there for me,
*🎉😊Happy Birthday dad! *

Thank you for teaching m everything and I am so proud to have a father like you, 😊😊
🎉*Happy Birthday papa! *

My dad, my encouragement, my dad, my guide, my dad is my life,
*😊Happy Birthday dad! *

You corrected my wrong and makes them right I love you day you are my life,
🎉🎉*Happy Birthday dad! *

I am thankful to god for giving me the best father in the world and I truly love you,
😊😊*Happy Birthday to you papa! *

Thank you for giving the everything I demand, thanks papa and, 🎉🎉
 *Happy Birthday*.

Happy Birthday to the most fantastic person of my life, 🎉🎉
 😊*Happy Birthday and stay fantastic*

 papa birthday status

Wishing you another year of peace and prosperity and wishing you a very
😊*happy birthday papa*.

Happy birthday to my best friend who always stand with me no matter how hard my problems was🎉🎉
😊😊 *love you papa*.

Thank you for everything you give me my entire life
😊😊*Happy Birthday dad! *

I may not tell you yet but today I want to tell you how much I love you and how proud I am to have you,
😊*Happy Birthday papa! *

Happy birthday🎉🎉 to the world’s best father and god bless you.

I pray to your god to bless my god on your birthday🎉🎉
*Happy Birthday dad! *

Happy birthday to my all-rounder, my smart, my amazing dad,
🎉🎉*love you papa*.

Wishing someone who is very close to me, 😊*love you dad Happy Birthday*.

No matter how old are you, you will all be my best friend and I never wanted to lose you 😊😊*Happy Birthday dad! *

Today we should celebrate best friend day, best teacher day and many more as your birthday love you day 🎉🎉
*Happy Birthday*.

Thankyou dad for all your love and care you give to me and my silly sister love you dad 😊*Happy Birthday papa❤❤*.
Thank you for guiding us to take right decision of our life may you live longer, 🎉🎉
😊*Happy Birthday dad! ❤❤❤*

You always thought that you are lucky to have me but today I want to tell you that I am lucky to have you in my life.
😊🎉*Happy birthday papa! *

Thank you for never giving up on me all those time when life is hard on me, 🎉🎉
😊 *Happy Birthday dad! ❤❤ *

Thanks to god for giving me the best father of the world,
😊*Happy Birthday dad! *

Today all your children decided to give you the best father in the world award,
 🎉🎉*Happy Birthday dad! Keep smiling❤❤*.

I never get time to tell you that how much I love you so today I decided to give a little present with best wishes to my best friend of all time. 🎉🎉
*Happy birthday papa! ❤❤ *

If god starts giving gifts for every good thing you do then I am pretty sure that till now you’d be out of space, 🎉🎉
😊😊*Happy Birthday dad! *

I have no words to elaborate the whole accomplishments of your life, I just say that I love you papa,
😊😊*Happy Birthday papa! ❤❤*

I wish you always stay young and healthy and may all your dreams come true,
😊😊*Happy Birthday dad❤❤! *

I just can’t tell you how happy I am for your birthday love you dad’
🎉🎉*Happy Birthday dad! ❤❤ *

I wish your future is full of happiness and sorrow
😊😊😊 *Happy Birthday papa! *

I can never accomplish so much thing in my life like you do and I always wanted to become a second version you love you day
🎉🎉😊*Happy Birthday dad! *

We learn from those who love us most and I am so proud to get love by you,
🎉🎉*Happy Birthday dad! *

All those memories that we shared are those which I miss the most and this is all because of you,
😊😊*Happy Birthday dad! Love you*.

Today is the right day to tell you that how much I love you and how grateful I am to have a father like you,
😊 🎉*Happy Birthday papa! *

I always call out name when everyone is rubbing lamps for genies, 😊😊😊😊*Happy Birthday dad! *

Every amazing dad deserves to have an awesome birthday,
🎉🎉 *Happy Birthday dad! *

All I know is that you are the best father in the world and I wish every kid has a father like you love you day 😊🎉*happy birthday❤❤*.

Happy birthday wishes to the world’s best dad, 🎉🎉*Love you dad❤❤*.

You are my teacher my friend my role model and my inspiration love you day and
🎉🎉*Happy birthday❤❤❤*

bday wishes for father

You were, you are and you will always be the world’s best dad,
😊😊* Happy Birthday dad! ❤❤ *

Today we all pray that all your wishes come true because all your life you worked all your life to make our dreams come true, 😊😊
🎉🎉* Happy Birthday dad! ❤❤❤ *

Happy Birthday to the most caring and lovable dad of all time,
🎉* Happy Birthday dad! ❤❤ *

Today what I am is all because of you because all my life you were my inspiration and encouragement,
🎉*Happy Birthday dad! *

All I wish for your good health and happy life and I can spend many more years with you, 😊😊😊*Happy Birthday dad! ❤❤ *

Today I am at this position is just because you always told me that I can do the impossible if only I try hard enough,
🎉🎉*Happy Birthday dad! ❤❤❤ *

All I wish you always keep smiling and we get to spend some more time so we can make our bonding strong.
😊*Happy Birthday dad! ❤❤❤❤ *

I just want you to know that if you are not there for me to guide me through all that time when I was not right and love you dad,
🎉🎉*Happy Birthday dad! *

I always dream to become like you, you are my role model my hero and my super dad,
😊*Happy Birthday dad! ❤❤ *

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