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We are providing top 50 romantic quotes for girlfriend here. So that you can make your lover feel special at every occasion. Here you will get love quotes as per your girlfriend’s mood.  These quotes will cheer up your girlfriend’s mood.

*Love quotes for her*

When someone asks me what I’m thinking about. I reply, it's my love, that makes my life meaningful.

One day a sage asked me to explain the extent I love my girlfriend👰. I answered, if I am a body, then my girlfriend👰 is the soul.

You are the one to whom I demanded from God. And see my demand was granted. 💞

In the throng of people, you always find me supporting you. I always stand beside you to protect you from all bad things of the world. 💗

I say I love you, not to persuade you. But I live these three magical words with every moment of my life. 💞

*Romantic quotes for her*

I always have a fear in my mind to lose you. Because I can't live without you. You are everything to me. 💗

It doesn’t matter how I call you my girl, my little princess. At the end of the day they all mean the same. 💝 *You are mine*💝

When I was searching for someone with whom I can live my whole life. At the same time almighty send a beautiful angel for me...that's you. 💗

I am in love with your eyes, your voice, your reflexs, your laugh, your beauty. But the foremost thing is, I am in love with you. 💗

Whenever I feel down. You are the one who ignite fire in me to strive for the things that make our life beautiful. 💗

*I love you quotes*

It's a gift to my gorgeous girl👰, "gold ear rings with stars studded on them", because I once I promised that I will bring even stars for you so much. 💏

If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the power to see yourself through my eyes, only then you would realize how much special you are to me. 💏

When you love someone, their mistakes never make you angry, as your heart dominate your mind and says,
*Don't angry it's your love*

Daily we meet, and after returning home. Again I again call you and talk for hours. Because I don't want to miss even a single moment without you. 💏

The real happy endings of our relationship come after a story with lots of hurdles. 💏

Good night quotes love quotes

When you are in love, you will always look for a way to make it work for your relationship strong, doesn't matter how hard it is.

I want you to be my life partner. I want to walk with you and cover this journey of life with love.

Actions are much effective than words. That's when someone loves you, they don’t have to say it.There behaviour towards you tell the same.

True love never depends on the distance between lovers. Because it is above from these petty things.

Love means to give even your happiness to your beloved without expecting anything in return.
*Romantic quotes about love*
Love is the condition in which the happiness of your beloved is the only concern for you. 💕
Love is not a business where you have a give and take phenomenon. Love means to give everything your lover, whatever you have. 💕
That’s what true love is. Always try to give the best to yout lover, even if that doesn’t include you. 💕
Doesn't matter how strong you are, there’s always someone who can make you feel weak. 💕
If one really loves you, no matter how many other friends one has, his feelings for you wouldn’t change. The foremost thing is trust should be there for your lover. 💕

*Couples love quote*
Trust and believe are the pillars of successful love story. So love me and believe me I'll never leave you in lurch. 💓

Someone rightly said, " When a man truly loves a woman she becomes his weakness. When a woman truly loves a man he becomes her strength". 💓That's makes a woman different from a man. 💓

Whenever life try to let me done. I think of you, that give me instant power to cope with the problems of my life. 💓

I have many girl friends, but only you are my girlfriend👰 of mine. 💓You are one who understand me who I am, and what I am. 💓

I always strive to make you happy. 💓Because you’re the only reason of my happiness. 💓

Romantic quotes love

My love and affection for you is platonic, so please don't doubt my love. 💖

Whenever I look at you,I wonder that you are the result of my good deeds. 💖

Keep silence, and try to hear my heart beat. Every time it is beating your name. 💖

Before going for anything, either good or bad, I remember your face and do according. 💖
You are everything for me. So I'll try my level best to keep your hand in my hand forever. 💖
*Love quotes*

My love for you is eternal. I love you and will love you till my last breath. 💖
You are my addiction and that's why you are the only one who occupies my mind everytime. 💖

Whatever time I spent with you. Are the most valuable memories, that are enough for me for the whole life to live. 💖

I have no more words to express my eternal love for you. If you want to feel, just look at my eyes, and feel the unexpressable love for you. 💖

You are the only person in this world, with whom I can live my whole life alone. 💖

Quotes for girlfriend
You are my destiny, that’s why nature devised a plan to unite us in this way.
*💖Thank you god for such a lovely girlfriend👰*

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