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Christmas, the festival of joy.

Christmas is a Christian festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December, every year. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Jerusalem to the shepherd Joseph and his wife Mary. Christ’s death and resurrection was for the salvation of humanity. He was crucified just to save the humanity from evil and therefore each year we celebrate Christmas. Christmas is the day to spread joy and blessings to everyone and felicitate Christ’s sacrifice as a father to protect his children.

Here are a few quotes to wish your Father a Merry Christmas:

Ø   You are my Santa with magical powers, Merry Christmas Dad!

Ø  Christmas is the time to fill your bucket with blessings. You are indeed a blessing to me. Merry Christmas Dad!

Ø  Dashing through the snow, all the happiness to you I owe. Merry Christmas Dad!

Ø  Joy to world the lord is come, joy to me my lord has come. Feliz NaviDad Daddy!

Ø  This Christmas I wish good tidings to you dear Father. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas.

Ø  Dear Father, the hush of winter is upon us. Its time for a miracle. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Ø  Merry Christmas Dad. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ø  Dad, you make the life bright and merry.

Ø  My dear Father. It was your love that showed us the path. May your Christmas be filled with joy and brightness.

Ø  To dear Father, may you enjoy the comfort of sweet memories and the joy of new inception. May you get love and joy in abundance.

Ø  Wishing a Merry Christmas to a wonderful Father. Life is a trip and one should enjoy the ride. Hope your Christmas is merry. Lots of love to you Dad!

Ø  To my wonderful Dad, Merry Christmas! I hope every part of your holiday season is special like yourself!

Ø  We have made some of the best holiday memories, Dad. Merry Christmas!

Ø  Merry Christmas to a great Father! You make the holidays shine even brighter with the love you shower into our home and your caring spirit that you bestow upon everyone around you. I am blessed to have a Father like you.

Ø  Dearest Dad, yourself has been one of the greatest gifts out of all the gifts that you have given to me. Merry Christmas!

Ø  Merry Christmas papa! No matter how many miles there are between us,
I’ll always cherish the memories we’ve made and the bond we share.

Ø  Merry Christmas. To My Dad. Have a holly jolly Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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