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Best Holi Greetings & Wishes

Holi is a one of the popular festival of the India which is also known as “Festival of colour or love”. This festival glorifies the win of good over evil. On this day people gets together to celebrate and  forget the ill-will, hatred, resentment  that they bear towards each other. It is known to bring positivity and freshness into the life of the people and set them free from the negativity. Holi marks the onset of spring season and end of the winter. The festival start in the evening of Purnima in Falgun month, and last for 2 days. The first day is Choti Holi in which “Holika Dahan” happens and Holi on next day.

According to legend, Hiranakashyapa, an asura had a son named “Prahlada” who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu which infuriated him. Hiranakashyapa subjected his son to many cruel punishment so  that he give up on worshipping him. But he could not broke his resolve. Holika, sister of Hirankashyapa, tricked the boy and made him sit on her lap in the pyre. But it was she who got burnt and Prahlad came out harmless.

20 Quotes on Holi:

"May this holi festival brings lot of positivity and happiness to your family and family members filled with sweet memories. HAPPY HOLI!"

"This year 2021 holi brings loads of colorful days and seasons in your life and fills your heart with love."

"Pyaar के रंग से भरो पिचकारी, स्नेह se रंग दो दुनिया सारी,
ye रंग जाने koi जात कोई बोली,
आपको Mubaarak हो पनो की होली."

"May your life be filled with the vibrant color of holi and bring properity to you. Happy Holi"

 "Whenever you splatter colors on someone, it’s like a promise of being faithful towards them always. Maintain a lifelong bind with them and shower them with care and love. Happy Holi!"

“Best Holi Wishes”



"होली आई satrangi रंगो की बौछार laayi, ढेर सारी mithaai और meetha meetha प्यार लायी, आप की ज़िन्दगी हो मीठे pyaar और khushiyoo से भरी, जिसमें समाए सातों Rang यही शुभकामना है हमारी!!!"

"Blue is Beauty, Red is Love, Yellow is Joy, Pink is Song & Purple is Dance. May all these colors bring success and happiness to you and your family."

"May this Holi become the time to relax and enjoy colors, sweets and Thandai. Become vivacious by saturating yourself in the joyful colors, laughter and happiness!"

"May this holi makes our bond more stronger and our friendship grows continuously. Happy Holi!"

      " Mathura की खुशबू, Gokul की हार,

Vrindavan की सुगंध, Barsaane की फुहार,

Radha की उम्मीद, Kaanha का प्यार,

Mubaarak हो आपको, Holi का त्योहार!!!"

                         “Holi Messages for Friends & Family”


"This Holi festival brings high spirits, immense happiness and smiling faces…Wish you the very best of Holi celebration!"

"May beauty of this festival encourages you to make lots of friends and very few enemies, brings more joys and less worries…Happy Holi."

"May bhang and colors make your day exciting and joyful. Happy Holi!"

"May the colors of Holi spread the message of happiness, properity and peace all around. Happy Holi!"

"The water balloons, bright colors, groovy songs and delicious gujiyas together make the most beautiful Holi. happy holi!"  

“Best Holi Greetings & Quotes”

"May the year ahead be joyful and prosperous and every day be as colorful as Holi."

Drench yourself in the high spirit of Holi and make the festival entertaining with lots of party, music, and delicacies. Happy Holi!"

"Without Holi life would be so monotous without colors, love, and joy. Let us celebrate to its fullest and make most out it. Happy Holi!"

"May the beautiful and vibrant gulals leave trails of cheer and vibrancy in your life. Wishing you and your dear and near ones a safe and prosperous holi!"

"The beautiful colors of Holi signifies loyalty, love, and understanding among people. So have a best time with your dear ones and enjoy the gulals of Holi. Happy Holi!!!"

                                      “Holi Wishes in Hindi”

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