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Best Wishes for Independence Day 2022 | 15 August


      Best Wishes for Independence Day 2022

Best Wishes for Independence Day 2021

1.    Freedom came to India after a long time of struggle and sacrifice, let us value it and promise to make our nation a healthy and happy one. Happy Independence Day …!


2.    Freedom is on our minds and religion is in our hearts, Pride is in our soul, and love for the country in our blood.   Happy Independence Day …!


3.   The keeping of the nation is not a task of soldiers alone. The whole country has to be strong. Happy Independence Day …!

4.   The Nation is made by its countrymen... Let us grow to be proper countrymen to make our nation an incredible nation... Happy Independence Day.

5.  Freedom is our right, no one can take it away from us. Happy Independence Day…!

6. We secure freedom when we paid the full price, but we cannot purchase freedom at any cost. Happy Independence Day …!

7.  Dear Teacher, thanks for inspiring us about a real sense of freedom to think, and act without any restriction. Jai Hind…!

8. Dear Teacher, thanks for illuminating us about the freedom of the nation, and making us answerable for the nation.   Jai Hind …!

9. Dear Teacher, thanks for inspiring us about the value of freedom that achieved after pain, sacrifice, and many efforts. Happy Independence Day...!

10. Dear Teacher, illuminating us about liberty of nation and making us responsible citizens. Happy Independence Day…!

11. Every nation is perfect by its citizens, let India proud of us. Be a good citizen. Happy Independence Day…!

12. Don’t ask what our country gives us, ask what can I give to my country. Jain Hind…!

13. Celebrate free India, fly in glory, the joy of liberty, proud to be an Indian. Jai Hind…!

14. Our freedom fighters face untold sufferings to become India free. Jai Hind…!

15. Dear Soldiers, thanks for your sacrifices who keep us safe and protect us from enemies. Jai Hind...!

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