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Happy Independence day 2022 | wishes, whatsapp messages , quotes


Independence Day


“15 August all people of India celebrate Independence day to remember those freedom fighters who sacrifice their lives to give us Freedom and it is the only day we forget all our cultural differences and unite as one true Indian.”



 Here are some Best wishes from Independence Day


1.    Many sacrifice their life so that we can leave peacefully… let's stand together for Piece and prosperity…wish you a happy Independence day.

2.    Let’s take time to value our nation and remember those who sacrifice their life for our Freedom… let us celebrate 75 years of Independence day.

3.    Our flag fly free in the wind and let us take a moment to understand what freedom truly is…Happy Independence day

4.    Let’s remember all the sacrifice made by our heroes who make this day a reality…let we all celebrate 75 years of Independence day.

5.    Without freedom we all have no identity lets come together and celebrate this freedom….Happy Independence day.

6.    Let’s rejoice our happiness and indulge in our freedom and salute to those who make India stand high…wish you happy independence day.

7.    Let us honour all the great souls who pay their life for our freedom..may this freedom bring unity and prosperity among us…happy Independence day to you..

8.    May the glory of this Independence brings inspiration among you to achieve a great success in your life…let’s stand together and celebrate this Independence day.

9.    Let we all stand together and honour every patriot  without whome freedom never existed…we can never repay..Happy Independence day.

10.    Let we all stand together and celebrate the reign of freedom..happy      Independence day to you.

11.    Always  better to fight for your freedom rather than to be a               prisoner.. let's celebrate 75 years of freedom happy Independence day.

12.   Not all nation have a bloody history of independence like ours, let     remember all the sacrifice made by our godfathers to gave us     freedom.. happy 75 years of Independence day.

13.  15 August- one day , one flag , one heart , one land, one nation         evermore..wish you a happy Independence day

14.    15 August a day we all remember the bravery of our freedom fighters and their gift of freedom, let we all stand together and celebrate 75 years of independence..wish you happy independence day.

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