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Independence Day 2022 India | 75th Independence Day speech


 Independence Day 2022


This article discusses why independence is celebrated and some freedom fighters who gave their lives to free the Indian Nation. Some quotations are also mentioned in the speech. 



आन देश की शान देश की, देश की हम संतान हैं, 

तीन रंगों से रंगा तिरंगा, अपनी ये पहचान है! 



 Good morning to all of you, honorable Guests, teachers, and dear students happy Independence Day to you all. I am glad that I got an opportunity to express my views in front of you. 


We all are assembled here to celebrate 75th Independence Day. This day remembers the end of British rule in 1947 and the formation of a free and independent Indian nation. It also remembers the anniversary of the partition of the subcontinent into two countries, India and Pakistan. 


We celebrate this day only on 15 August because we get freedom from British rule in 1947 at midnight of 15 august and it was a historic day for India. Freedom Fighters gave their life to free their nation from British rule. 


Now India is the most democratic nation in the world. Since the day of independence, we have much developed in every sphere of life. 


 Indians remember all the sacrifices of heroes and their work towards the nation on this day. We are enjoying and feeling free just because of the struggle of our leaders. 

Mahatma Gandhi Ji was a real leader and he guided India toward independence. Gandhi Ji used the main weapon for India’s freedom as nonviolence.  




He was a bright and kind personality. Millions of people across the world follow him too. We are very thankful for the efforts and sacrifices of all the leaders who gave their efforts to free our nation.  


 The other great leaders Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Lala Lajpat Ray, Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose, and Chandra Sekhar Azad also did a marvelous job in uniting people. 

Our Prime Minister of the country hosted the flag on the red fort and give respect to freedom fighters and they are satisfied. Everyone is giving something towards the development of our nation so, as young people, it's our duty to make our country proud and work for the welfare of our country. 

All of us should protect our freedom and on this festival, all of us should take a pledge to uphold the unity and integrity of our India, so that our country can move forward on the path of continuous progress and a role for the whole world.

Again, I want to congratulate all of you on 75th Independence Day. Stay save   


आज सलाम है उनको, जिनके कारण ये  दिन आता है, 

 खुशनसीब होती है वो माँ, जिनके बच्चों का  

 बलिदान इस देश के काम आता है।🙏 

 Thank you 



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