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Independence day quotes | WhatsApp , SMS & Images

 Independence Day Quotes

Independence day remembers us of freedom fighters and leaders who sacrifices their lives to free India from British Rule. Here are some of the best quotes from Independence day. 

1. This is the day of pride, it is the honor of the mother 
Blood will not go in vain, for the sacrifice of the brave 
Happy Independence Day. 

2. Happy Independence Day to you and your family stay healthy. 

3. Heard today is the date to show patriotism.  Bharat Mata ki Jai! Happy  Independence Day 

4. The army is the pride of the country Liveliness is whose identity. I salute you 

5. There is something in the soil of my country, sir. They jump over the borders to be buried here. 

6. What is the life in which there is no patriotism and
what is that death which is not wrapped in the tricolor?

7. We will not allow the sacrifice of martyrs to be discredited. 
This freedom of India will never be allowed to end in the evening. 

8. We have become free from the sacrifices of our countrymen If someone asks who is it, then we will proudly say that we are Indians.

9.Give a salute to this tricolor from which you are proudAlways keep your head high, as long as there is life in your heart. 
Vande Matram 

10. Today nature is dancing, today the wind is savoring, 
On the lips of Mother India, lakhs of prayers are chirping 
Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Happy 15th August 

11. I always give respect to Bharat  
I praise the moonlit soil here, 
I am not worried about going to heaven and getting salvation, 
The tricolor should be my shroud, this is what I wish for. 

12. Even after death, in whose name there is life, Such brave soldiers are the pride of our India. 

13. Those who do not give freedom to others, 
they themselves do not have the right to. 

14.Neither is my government! No, it's mine! No big name is mine! I am proud of one small thing, I belong to "Hindustan". And "Hindustan" is mine…Jai Hind 

15. We don't even look at someone else's land… But not even such a worthless child that someone looks at our mother earth and we kept watching silently. Jai Hind 

16. Let us bow down and salute those in whose part this position comes; Lucky is the blood that is useful for the country! Happy Independence Day! 

17. Whose blood has not boiled till now, it is not blood, it is water… Those who do not work for the country, they are useless youth… Say Bharat Mata ki Jai. Happy Independence Day! 

18. The tricolor will now fly all over the sky, 
India's name will be on everyone's tongue, 
Will take his life or will play on his life, 
Anyone who will raise their eyes on India !! 

19. If you want to swim, then what is kept in the rivers floating in the sea 
If you want to love, then do to the country, what is there in others! 

20. Name of religion, don't die in the name of religion, humDon't live in the nanity is the religion of the country, just live in the name of the country!! 


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