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Independence day speech for 15th August 2021 | English Speech for Independence day


We can just sit here and think how difficult it had been to urge India free from British. Indians fought from 1857 to 1947 and to urge this freedom they took the lives of lakhs of freedom fighters. History starts raising voice against British when a British army man started agitation against them. then many leaders of India fought against him for the independence of India and sacrificed only their age. 

we will always remember Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Khudiram Bose and Chandra Shekhar Azad who sacrificed their lives at a really young age for the liberty of India. How can we ignore the most important names of Netaji and Gandhi ? Mahatma Gandhi was an excellent man who taught India about non-violence. He was the sole leader of India who shows the thanks to fight against British with non-violence. and eventually after an extended struggle against British rulers, the day came on 15th August when India got complete independence. And this is often called the Independence Day of India. We are incredibly lucky that our ancestors gave us the land where there's peace and happiness. Where we will live life with none fear and attend school and establish an honest career and life. After independence, Nehru gave a speech from the Red Fort. While the entire world was sleeping, Indians were fighting for his or her lives and freedom. After independence, India is the largest democratic country within the world. Unity in diversity is that the biggest identity of India. repeatedly it's been attacked to separate people but always India has become more united. 


               During British rule, Indians couldn't dress well, eat well, or educate themselves. These were extremely taboo for the Indian. Even an Indian couldn't lead a traditional life under British rule. we should always be very grateful to those great Indian leaders who gave us an air that's free from any rule and any dictatorial ruler. All were slaves and will do anything only after getting orders from British. Today we are unengaged to do anything only because our great Indian leaders fought against British Empire and didn't look after their own lives. He struggled against British Empire for a really while and fought against them for several years.


               The country has only progressed day by day and is on its way to become a superpower. Before the completion of 4 years of India's independence, we strengthened the country by making it a republic with the introduction of the constitution to which the entire world bows. We are nation of great diversity, and our unity makes us a powerful nation. From technology to agriculture, we are one among the highest countries within the world, and there's no going back as we are always on the move to grow and do better. Let us be inspired by our soldiers and work together to form our country a far better place to live in. No country is ideal, and that we have our shortcomings too. On this Independence Day 2020, we pledge to try and do our bit as citizens to form our country great.


After Independence Day, they have given us a sort of latest birth, which we live in freedom with such freedom.


            Our India got independence from the clutches of British on 15 August 1947. Wherever Indians are everywhere the planet, this national festival is widely known each year with great joy and enthusiasm. It had been an excellent day for all Indian citizens when the Tricolour flag of India was hoisted by the primary Prime Minister of India, Pandit Nehru at the Red Fort in Delhi.


              Our one-day salute did nothing that he did and sacrificed. due to their struggle we are breathing a free India. we will always remember his sacrifice for the country. it's impossible to recollect the contribution of each insurgent during a day but we will salute and respect them. Education is that the most vital medium to form people conscious of anything. therefore, the program made by Indian leaders to teach the entire of India. ISRO Indian Space Research Organization has also achieved many milestones. India sent Chandrayaan as a crucial mission to land on the Moon. Mangalyaan was also sent to Mars to urge more information that planet. So, India is additionally making an area within the heart of the globe.


          Today on the occasion of Independence Day of India we promise that we always protect our country by educating ourselves and educating everyone. it's our leaders who are going to be remembered per annum for what they did. With these final words, i might wish to end my Independence Day speech, "Thinking nothing can change anything. If you would like to vary anything, you've got to figure hard and your diligence will change that.




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