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Best Student Speech for Independence Day 15 August 2022 | 75th Independence Day


       Best Student Speech for Independence Day

  Good morning...!

  Respected Principal Sir/ Mam,

  Respected All Teachers

  And my dear friends.


My best wishes for the 75th Independence Day to all.   I would like thanks to my teachers for this opportunity to express my opinion in front of all of you. Today we are celebrating our Independence Day as the national festival of India, the history is very huge to remember the sacrifice of people to become a free India. 

Today is a crucial day for our country because it signs the 75 years of achievements. We are lucky to have such leaders, who did not care about their life and family. His dream of making India an Independent country and came true on 15 August 1947. 

Today, we have become independent because of the brave warrior of our country or we celebrate this day by paying attention to those people. India got its identity back, which has lost its existence.

We need to ask those peoples who were born before 1947, that how much insulting and difficult it is to live in under by British Government.   Britisher came to India for business, and gradually took everything under himself and made us his slaves. And then after many agitations and fighting, India became independent on 15 August.

They came to India and started to know about the trike and after knowing our weakness, they acted indecently on us by


                                          “DIVIDE AND RULE”


 And they ruled on us around for 200 years.

Today we are lucky that we are born and living in a free India. Every year the flag is hoisted on Red Fort by our prime minister, and after that, he gives a speech over there.

And now India is a developing country, and we have 2nd rank Army, 5th rank Navy, and 7th rank Airforce in the world.

I would like to finish my speech along these lines: -

No caste can divide us,

No laws can separate us,   

No colors can decide our future

Because we are children of one mother. 

Jai Hind…!

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