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What Exactly Is SMS Marketing and How Does It Work?

 Customers are being texted by your competitors. Should you begin as well?

Instead of being the exception, SMS marketing is soon becoming the standard. Let's look at what all of this implies, how it works, and what it looks like before choosing if you should start texting from your business.

What is SMS Marketing and Why Should You Use It?

Short messaging service marketing (SMS marketing) is what it sounds like. Customers are sent offers, updates, and reminders via text messaging in this marketing method.

This communication might take the form of a one-on-one chat between a staff member and a customer, an automated text prompted by a customer action, or a mass text sent to a group of consumers who have opted in to receive texts from your company.

Is text messaging marketing effective?‍

Advantages of SMS Marketing

Text messages are read at a rate of 98 percent, with 95 percent of them being read within the first three minutes.

Let's take a look at a few of the most important advantages of text message marketing:

1. Consumers' favourite communication method

Your clients DEMAND that you text them! Customers are willing to receive SMS communications from brands in 75% of cases.


Furthermore, 89 percent of consumers prefer text messaging to phone calls when interacting with businesses.


This is a decent proposal. Text messages aren't a nuisance. I can look at it briefly now (or later), dismiss it, delete it, reply to it, opt-out of it, or return to it later. It is the most effective way for a firm to communicate with me as a customer.

2. A high rate of reading

SMS texts are read 98% of the time. Basically, they will see it if you press "send."


This does not imply that you are free to transmit whatever you want, whenever you want. Too much texting, too often, like with other marketing communication channel, will turn off the consumer, and they will likely opt-out of your SMS communication.


Your consumer, on the other hand, will want to continue receiving your contact once you've mastered texting etiquette.



3. Affordability

You must increase your sales. For many small firms, this means pouring money into thousands of mailers that may or may not be effective.

Examples of SMS Marketing

Let's take a look at what SMS marketing is and why it's so advantageous now that we've learnt what it is. Here are some text message marketing examples:

1. Promotions are number one.
 For example, "This weekend only, get 50% off all outdoor equipment!"


"Special financing on all new RVs throughout the month of July," for example.‍

2. Important Reminders
"Your $454.35 bill is due on Wednesday, March 23," for example.

"Don't forget your appointment with Jim on October 23rd at 1:00pm," for example.

3. Notifications
For example, "Your boat's component #675582 has been recalled; go here for additional information."

4. Text Message Payments
"Thank you for coming in today!" for example. The deposit payment link is provided below."

"You have a $133.00 overdue debt, please click the payment link below," for example.

5. Verifications   
"Thank you for your purchase," for example, "please see the link below for accessories that may be of interest to you."

6. Requests for online reviews

"We hope you had a wonderful time with us; if you could write us a review of our service that would be fantastic!" "Please see the link below for further information."

7. Updates to the Service

"We fixed the broken item, and your car is now ready to be picked up," for example.



SMS marketing allows you to communicate with your customers how they prefer. 

Is it time for your company to start texting? The response is a resounding "YES" according to customer desire?

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