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Vladimir Putin height age, wife, family, children, biography & more

Vladimir Putin height age, wife, family, children, biography & more



Vladimir Putin


Real name                                                                               Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Profession                                                                                politician

Date of birth                                                                            7 October 1952

Age                                                                                              69

Birthplace                                                                                Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

                                                                                                    (know Saint Petersburg) 

Religion                                                                                   Russian orthodox       

Current work status                                                            president of Russia


FAMILY & MORE       

Father name                                                                            Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin

Mother name                                                                          Maria Ivanovna Putina

Spouse                                                                                    Lyudmila Shkrebneva (div in 2014)

Girlfriend                                                                                Alina kabayeva, Russian gymnast (2008)

Children’s                                                                               daughter's maria Putin(elder), yeketrina



Height                                                                                        168 cm , 1.68m, 5.6ft

Weight                                                                                        71 kg



School  junior school                                                              No. 193 at Baskov Lane,   

High school                                                                               Saint Petersburg High School

Collage                                                                                       Saint Petersburg State University   



Putin was born in Leningrad, the soviet union (now Saint Petersburg ) he is the youngest child of his parents. His father Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin was a conscript in the soviet union and his mother Maria Ivanovna Putina was a factory worker his grandfather, Spiridon Putin, was a chef who’s working for  Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.  Putin was born when his family faced a very difficult time because at that time his parent lost their two sons in war with Nazi Germany in world war ll.


On 1 September 1960 Putin started his school in no 193 at baskoy lane near his home. he was also learned sambo & judo at the age of 12 Putin also studied German at Saint Petersburg school & speak German as a second language. In 1970 Putin studied law at the Leningrad state university he graduated in 1975 after studying he was required to join the communist party of the Soviet Union & remain a member until the collapse of the USSR in 1991.


In 1975 putin join KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti) he trained at KGB school in okhta. After completing the training he worked as a second counter–intelligence before he was transferred to the first chief directorate, where he monitored consular officials in Leningrad. In 1984 Putin went to Moscow for more training at the yuri Andropov red banner institute. From 1985 to he worked in East Germany by using their identity as a translator. During the fall of the berlin wall, he saved so many secrets & imported documents of the USSR in the KGB villa in east Germany. Then he burnt all the secret documents of KGB in the KGB villa so that the enemy can’t take any advantage of those 1991 after USSR disintegrate he resign from the post of active KGB agent.


In 1991 he become the head of the committee for external relations in the mayor's office for promoting international relations & international investments. After the resignation of Boris Yeltsin on 31 Dec 1999 he become the acting president of Russi. He completed his first presidential term from 2000 to 2004. Then again he become president in 2004 by securing a 71 % vote share. in 2008 he step down from the post of president and then he become the prime minister of Russia in 2008. After completing their tenure as prime minister he was again elected the president of Russia in 2012 and still, he is the president of Russia.



In 1983, Putin got married to Lyudmila Shkrebneya & they lived in East Germany (1985-1990) they have two daughters first Mariya patina (1985) and second Yekaterina patina (1986). Vladimir Putin & Lyudmila got divorced in 2014.


The official figure shows that Putin has approximately 280000$ ( approx 2.5 crores) bank balance & 700000$ (5.32 crore) assets (including house & property) but some western secret reports( Panama paper) claim that the net worth of Vladimir Putin is more than 150 billion $ which make him richest person in the world. But Putin always dined this fact he says that the western country does this just to defame me and my country Russia.


In 2008  Putin was in a relationship with gold medalist Alina Kabaeva, but he denied these rumors.









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